Who we are...

Beach to Bay Home Watch is a family owned and operated company, so you personally know who is caring for your home.

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What we do...

We perform a wide range of services to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve. Please take a look at what we do to make your home worry free while you're away.

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Whether you are away on extended travel or you are a seasonal resident, a home watch service can monitor your home and property, protecting your investment and providing you with peace of mind.
When you are away from home, are you confident that your home is secure and cared for as it is when you are home?

Regular inspections such as A/C, plumbing, security systems, appliances and maintenance issues insures that your home is both secure and functioning properly.

Storms, rain, mold & mildew, heat , humidity and pests are all threats to your Northwest Florida home. Power failures can shut down critical equipment. Beach to Bay Home Watch service can help prevent related damage. If damage does occur, by promptly notifying you, further damage is minimized.

Regular in-person visits provide additional security, by giving your home a lived-in appearance.

We also keep an eye on other service providers and insure that they are performing their services timely and correctly. If we find that they are not performing satisfactory, we can notify you or contact them directly on your behalf to quickly remedy the situation.

We also offer full departure and arrival service, closing up when you leave or preparing your home for your return. Beach to Bay Home Watch is bonded, licensed and insured.

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